Schedule for St. vincent de paul masses

Saturday 4:00 PM

Sunday 10:30 AM

No Weekday Masses

No Holy Day Masses unless noted in the bulletin

Confessions by appointment only

About  The  Staff


Pastor: Rev. Peter J. D'Ambrosia

Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Kenneth J. Suibielski

Deacon: Rev. Mr. Stephen R. Cote

Deacon: Rev. Mr. John D.  McGregor

Deacon: Rev. Mr. W. Carl LaFleur, (Retired)

Parish Secretary: Mrs. Jennifer L. O'Connor

Campus Manager: Ms. Alice L. Duffy

Parish Accountant: Mrs. Diana M. Huff

Music Director: Mr. Bruce A. Coon

Wedding Coordinator: Mrs. Ellie M. Cote

Religious Education

Director: Mrs. Rose Slusarczyk

Elementary Coordinator: Grades 1-5, Ms. Claudia A. Luszcz

Middle School Coordinator: Grades 6 & 7, 

Confirmation Coordinator: 8th Grade,