E-Giving  -  on-line donations

Are you to the point where the only checks you write are to the church?

Are you afraid someone will be able to retrieve your account numbers

by doing transactions on-line?

Are you afraid it will be to complicated to do?


Don’t be afraid anymore!

You can save paper.

The transaction goes from your bank to ours.

It’s so easy to set up and maintain, if you have a Droid or Smart based phone,

you can access your account while sitting in the pew.


St. Clare offers e-giving as an option for your weekly, monthly, special collections, pledge payments, or Mass requests. Simply go to our website, stclarewesterly.com and click on the e-giving link on our home page, it will take you to the sign-up page for e-giving. Once you have signed-up, there is a file that gives detailed instructions if you need them. However, the process is very intuitive if you take the time to read through each screen.


You will have full access to your transactions and records at all times. An e-mail notification is sent when the transaction is initiated also when it clears your bank. You can print your tax statement anytime you want, YOUR in control. Quite a few parish families and our very own Fr. Ken have been using it on a regular basis and it works seamlessly.


You can give at any frequency or amount you desire, or if your contributions do not change you can set it up for a defined period or indefinitely. You can still participate in the offertory part of the worship service because a receipt with an envelope on it can be printed, and placed it in the collection basket. Whether you use the receipt or not, the parish office is notified of your donation and is properly recorded to your account.


If you have any questions or just need help getting set up, please call Jennifer in the office at 401-348-8765 or e-mail; stclareri2@cox.net .

E-Giving has received a face-lift!

The NCS company has changed the layout of the E-Giving page. This new format is easy and self explanatory.

For those of you that have been using E-Giving right from the start know how challenging it was to set a donation payment schedule, not anymore! As mentioned in the parish bulletin, this change shouldn't effect you, but I was just informed that you will have to log in differently the first time on the new link. Instead of entering your USER NAME and password, you will enter your email address and your same password, once logged in, you can change it back to what you had. Also, they are having trouble crossing over the donation payment schedules for some, this will not effect everyone. If your donation payment schedule looks like it isn't set up, you may have to re-enter the schedule. 

The NCS company understands this may be an inconvenience, so they have offered their Tec-support directly to you if the parish office is busy and unable to assist or the office is closed. Please call Jennifer in the parish office at 401-348-8765 or NCS directly at 1-877-771-3336.  Thank you in advance for your patience.