Flocknote is a free and convienient way to facilitate easier communication within the Saint Clare community. Each member is able to sign up for various lists within the church and select the mode of communication you prefer. For example, if you are a member of the Helping Hands Ministry, you can subscribe to that list. If you prefer to be contacted by e-mail, you would provide your e-mail address. Then, any time there is information for the Helping Hands Ministry, it is entered once and automatically distributed to everyone on the list in the form that they have requested. You can be contacted by phone, text message, or even facebook. It only requires a one-time registartion and can be changed at any time. 

It all starts by selecting this link to register on Flocknote.com.


#1 You must use Google Chrome, Explorer or Outlook WILL NOT work.

#2 From the St. Clare website, click on the link above and register with Flocknote, even if we already have you in the system.

#3 You will receive an instant email from Flocknote with a link, click the link and follow the directions.

#4 Once you are registered, click on your name, this will bring you to a page with tabs. These tabs will allow you to receive the    

     notifications you would like, weather, CCD, or ministries, the St. Clare E-Comm tab is for general notifications/weather  

     related. Until you authorize it, you will not receive notifications.

#5 Now that you have given authorization, you will be asked of what method you would like to receive them, email or text, 

     click your choice, and that's it.

   If for any reason the above directions did not work for you, please call Jennifer in the parish office, Monday through Thursday, 7:30AM to 2PM at 401-348-8765 for assistance.