St. Clare Church

Stewardship ministries

All that I possess – my character, my health, my wealth, my time – come from God and belong to God. This is the fundamental meaning of stewardship: Everything belongs to God.

The U.S. Catholic bishops said in Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response:

 “A Christian steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with others and returns them with increase to the Lord.”

At St. Clare Church, stewardship is one way we come together to share our gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure. As you read through the following stewardship ministry descriptions, we invite you to consider deepening your engagement in the life of our parish community by contributing in a way that draws your interest and suits your talents.  Or, if you think of another stewardship activity you would like to help establish, we would love to hear from you.


We encourage you to contact our Parish Office and indicate your interest in becoming part of one or more these ministries  For those ministries which require some training, sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Many ministries meet monthly. Please consult the Church Bulletin for dates and times. 

  • Respect Life

     + Mission: The Respect Life Ministry helps the parish live the Gospel of Life by promoting and protecting the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.  

    The group accomplishes this mission through prayer and education fosters public awareness through other activities, especially during October, Respect Life Month.  

    To support its mission, the ministry offers the Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament,  7:30 am, the first Friday of every month. Please join us.

  • Ushering and Counting

     + Mission:  “Stewardship” is the English translation of a Greek term formed from two words: “manage” and “house.” A steward manages

    someone else’s house and possessions.  An important element of “managing” God’s house is to make sure that it is provided for

    financially.  Ushers and counters perform this role.


    Ushers may be assigned to the Mass at the times of their choice.  Counters assemble in the Rectory basement after the 8 am Mass on Mondays and on the days immediately following Holy Days when a collection has been taken.

  • Prayer Ministry

     + Mission: The ministers of prayer pray for the intentions of all those who ask for prayers, either in the St. Clare  and St. Vincent de Paul parish community or elsewhere.   This group prays in church, before, during and after daily or weekend Masses, in their homes, their cars, or wherever they are, as often as they can find the time. Members learn of requests in the Book of Intentions at church or by personal request. 

    Request for prayer include for those in crises, for newborns with specific medical needs, for people facing surgery, for people in depression, for people out of work, for people  needing guidance, for a family member in the armed services stationed throughout  the world, and many, many more reasons.  The ministry receives dozens of new requests every week.

  • Building and grounds

    + Mission: The Building and Grounds Ministry assists the pastor by providing or obtaining maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds, including painting, carpentry, masonry, gardening, landscaping, and monitoring the heating and cooling system.

  • altar servers

    + Mission: Altar Servers a privileged perspective by assisting in the celebration of Eucharistic sacraments.

    Altar Servers:

    • Assist the Celebrant during Mass with holy water, incense, crucifix, etc.
    • Assist the Celebrant during Mass by providing the text, prayers and announcements
    • Assist the Celebrant during the Liturgy of the Eucharist with the washing of the hands, wine and water cruets, and bell ringing
    • Assist the Bishop during the celebration of ConfirmationAssist at parish weddings or funerals, as needed

    The Pastor and Deacon prepare servers as needed. Senior servers pair with new servers during the first few months of service, and new servers can expect to serve one Mass every 4-5 weeks.

    Altar Serving is a great opportunity to share a faith commitment with the entire parish community in an active and defined way.

  • Sacristan

    +  Mission: Sacristans prepare all liturgical details before Mass and assist the Celebrant with all necessary requirements during Mass.


    • Prepare the church before the liturgy, including the lighting and sound system
    • Prepare the Offertory gifts
    • Prepare all necessary for the distribution of the Eucharist to the sick
    • Assist the deacon, lectors, and altar servers with their preparation
    • Distribute the church bulletin at the conclusion of the liturgy
    • Prepare for the succeeding liturgy, if applicable
    • Light incense and carry out additional duties at certain times of the liturgical year
  • liturgical ministries

    + Mission: The extraordinary ministers of Communion bring the Eucharist to all members of the St. Clare community.

    At Mass: Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ to the gathered assembly.  The goal is to assign ministers once a month to the Mass and time of their choice. To become an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist usually requires a one hour training session.

    To the Homebound and Hospitalized:  Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist bring Communion on Sunday morning to the elderly, sick and homebound. Presently, there are two routes for private homes, and ministers visit residents at Watch Hill Care and Rehab Center and The Clipper Home.

    Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist for private and nursing homes undergo an additional one-hour training session. Experienced ministers accompany new ministers on their first visits.  In total, home visits take no more than one and a half hours, including 'socialization' time, which the homebound clearly enjoy.

    Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist are assigned once a month.  Volunteers can serve to choose in the area of ministry that most interests them. 

    During Lent,  Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist accompany Father on visits to the homebound, offering Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Anointing. 

    St. Clare offers Mass at each  nursing home every other month. All Catholic patients are anointed, and any Catholics who cannot attend Mass may receive Communion and Anointing in their room. Ashes are offered to all patients and staff on Ash Wednesday.

    Consult the Church Calendar for Eucharistic Ministry schedule.

  • scheduling

    Mission: The members of this ministry are responsible for smooth scheduling and certain coverage of all Masses.

    Each weekend and holy day Mass requires the presence of two Lectors, two Altar Servers, and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. On Sunday Eucharistic Ministers visit  private homes. 

    Many people minister each week and weekend day, requiring a tremendous amount of organization and scheduling.  Each minister's personal circumstances and preferences are taken into consideration, schedules are created, distributed, and revised for last minute changes.  If  you have an affinity for this type of organizational work, you are encouraged to volunteer for this ministry.

  • music

    + Mission: The music ministry prepares and provides music to enhance the celebration of the Liturgy and  encourage the assembly to sing and praise the Lord and deepen their liturgical prayer.

    The choir practices 5 - 6:30 pm, Thursday evenings, in the church loft, under the direction of Parish Organist and Music Director, Bruce Coon. Vocalists and instrumentalists are always welcome. New members are encouraged to join this loving musical family and help praise God through song.

  • lector

    + Mission: Inspired by an ever deeper appreciation of the nobility and richness of the word of God, it is the Lector's honor to deliver the words of scripture with care to the assembly.  

    Lectors at St. Clare enjoy a special function. They reach out to every person in the assembly to insure that all hear God's word, delivered clearly with excitement, enthusiasm, understanding and joy. While reading at Mass is not theatre, this ministry does require projection, timing and appropriate emphasis.

    Consult the Church Calendar for the Lector Schedule.

  • hospitaltiy

    + Mission: The Hospitality Ministry provides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for members of the St. Clare community, visitors, and new parishioners to meet and interact with one another. This ministry promotes parish fellowship and, when necessary, assists the Pastor with special events. 

    Established activities include:

    • Weekly Coffee Hour - Wed. morning after 8 am Mass
    • Parish Picnic - provide help with set-up and service
    • Parish Dinners - several times each year
    • Mardi Gras - coordinate and provide a breakfast celebration after the 8 am Mass on the Tues. before Ash Wed.
    • Other events and activities as planned
  • Helping Hands

    Mission: The Helping Hands Ministry reaches out to those who are needy, elderly, sick or bereaved. This ministry meets 4 pm, the first Tuesday of every month, in the Parish Center. Please feel free to come to these meetings; new faces are always welcome!  

    Some of the services provided by the Helping Hands Ministry include:

    Members of this ministry:

    • Prepare and serve meals at the Warm Shelter
    • Coordinate and distribute St. Nicholas Day Kits and "Adopt-a-Family" gifts to community outreach agencies during Advent and on Holy Thursday
    • Provide weekly visitation with residents at Watch Hill Care & Rehabilitation Center
    • Prepare meals for seriously ill parishioners
    • Provide help to the Prayer Shawl Ministry which reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace
    • Send sympathy cards to grieving families
    • Prepare and present fleece "Blankets of Care" to family members of deceased parishioners
    • Develop an ongoing plan of support for one year for bereaved families
    • Hold Women's Monthly Bereavement Fellowship Breakfast
    • Initiate Men's Grief Support Group

     + Mission: The members of the Liturgical Environment Ministry contribute their talents and gifts to create create an inspiring and liturgically harmonious atmosphere not only on the altar but also throughout the entire Church for seasonal celebrations of worship.